Inspired by Jerusalem

A Levantine street food outlet inside the first food hall in Kuwait. The inspiration is Jerusalem, a holy city that praises all three religions and beholds a history of truce and conflicts; a city that has fused the cultural influence of the indigenous Palestinians and the diaspora of Iraqis , Syrians and Yemenites. fueled by conflict but unified in language and common food and ingredients wavered by the reminiscence of the ottoman empire. 

It is food that is all too familiar to us and not reinvented, just done well ;  Hummus, Tahini, Labneh, pickles, chargrilled meats still take center stage and the supporting roles go to a variety of fresh baked bread. 

The fillings are the vertical spit shawarma, the rotating chicken rotisseries and the fire grilled sheesh kebabs are the ideal choice for baked Tanour bread, while roasted vegetables, falafel and pulled chicken or sausages adorn the pita. The taboun bread is authentically Palestenian, baked on hot stones is an essential ingredient for ‘Musakhan’ a specialty of slow cooked chicken seasoned with sumac, onions and fragrant olive oil, it also goes with zaater, a thyme like herb indigenous to the levant that compliments ‘Labneh’ and ‘Akawy cheese’ for a village style breakfast or light dinner, this is basically TABOONAT. 

  • 360 Mall, 800001 Faris Abdulrahman Al Waqayan St, Zahra
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